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I think that our lives are perpetually filled with experiments. While some outcomes can immediately take shape on their own, others develop over a long period of time.

From my perspective, I will capture these distinct events and attempt to give them a shape. Everything that is around me and everything that happens to me will be used as a canvas for what it is that I want to express. In addition to making clothes at NUSUMIGUI STUDIO, this will also be a reflection of my daily life. Whether it be cooking meals, exploring nature or even spending time with others, no moments will be overlooked. 

I do not yet know where this will lead to, but I am certain that there will be lovely moments in this process.  “frameofseasons”  is my freewheeling laboratory and I hope it will be the same for you. 





それはNUSUMIGUI STUDIOの服作りも含まれます。





frameofseasons (フレームオブシーズンズ)は私の自由気ままな実験室であり、皆さんにとっても同じであってほしいと願っています。

FOS creates


Clothes, ideas for living comfortably, gardens, photos and videos, sometimes meals and other things that bring happiness to our surroundings.

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